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Relative WWE newcomer Mojo Rawley is tearing it up on Tuesday nights with his tag team partner, Zack Ryder. But there’s been one key supporter missing since his jump to the main roster from NXT.

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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who made a few appearances during Rawley’s time in Orlando, hasn’t yet appeared in support of his buddy. But according to Rawley, that might just be a matter of time, via Cageside Seats:

“The main man Robbie G. Well I played college football with a couple of his brothers, his older brothers Dan and Chris, we all kind of grew up together. We all came up together, we’ve all been on the grind for a very long time. Trust me we’ve had that conversation many times and he’s dying to get in the ring. I can tell you it won’t be while he’s in season.”

As the fine people at Cageside pointed out, in season doesn’t fall in Wrestlemania season, so you’d assume it’s just a matter of time, right?

Only time will truly tell.

There’s no question Gronk has the size and personality to be a mega star if he were to try his hand in the WWE.

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