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While the PGA Tour and Tour are in off weeks in their schedule, the LPGA Tour is in Indianapolis for the Indy Women In Tech Championship presented by Guggenheim. It’s the tour’s first stop in Indiana since the Solheim Cup in 2005, and the tournament being held at Brickyard Crossing G.C.

Normally, the minutiae of a tournament is not critical to making content, but four holes on this course have a much different feel to them.

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The 7th-10th holes at Brickyard  Crossing G.C. run inside the 2.5 mile track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For the tournament, these holes will be re-routed as the 15th-18th holes, providing a finishing stretch unlike any the players will experience on tour. How cool would it be if they waived a white flag when coming off  the 17th green and a checkered flag after finishing 18?

Thankfully, there won’t be any concurrent racing going on during the tournament. Otherwise, I’d imagine bringing the crowd noise down for the players would be difficult and getting back to the other holes would be a high risk endeavor.

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