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Tim Tebow is engaging in Spring Training activities with the New York Mets. As you might expect, the circus is following the former Florida Gators and NFL quarterback around at every turn but, thankfully, it hasn’t beenĀ quite as crazy as some of his past experiences were in terms of media coverage.

However, Tebow’s activities on Friday morning drew some attention for a less than stellar reason. In short, he had some trouble throwing a baseball.

Tebow’s background as a professional thrower of footballs would seemingly indicate that his arm wouldn’t be a concern in the baseball world. Throw in the fact that Tebow’s pure arm strength has never been in doubt and it was potentially seen as a strength of his baseball profile.

In the same breath, it isn’t exactly an identical throwing motion from one sport to the next and accuracy was never Tebow’s strength as a football player. This is, admittedly, a cheap pop at a player that is doing his best to earn his keep on the baseball field, but the jokes almost write themselves in this instance and it can’t be ignored.

The Tim Tebow baseball experience rolls along but he might want to clean up his throwing accuracy. Sound familiar?

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