If the only cure for a hangover is indeed hair from the dog that bit you, college students and party people the world over are likely to be hailing Jack Daniel’s new product a revolutionary godsend.

You’ve probably heard of spiking your morning coffee with whiskey or some other alcoholic beverage to fend off the evil spirits that invade the body the morning after a long night of partying.

Well, Jack Daniel’s new Tennessee Whiskey Coffee does all the leg work for you—infusing Daniel’s Old No. 7 with 100% Arabica bean coffee. The product can currently only be bought online at the Jack Daniels store or at the distillery’s general store in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

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But, sorry folks, it’s actually a non-alcoholic product and not meant to keep the party going. So the only buzz you’d be getting from this is one that will make you wanna run to the library and study.

Which might not be such a bad thing.

Jack Daniels has created the perfect early-morning tailgate option, and we can’t wait to try it Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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