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With Mike Greenberg reportedly slated to transition into a morning television role for ESPN, his Mike and Mike companion, Mike Golic, may get left out in the cold.

ESPN will reportedly be trimming tens of millions of staff salary in the coming months as the worldwide leader continues to fight against cord cutters and rapidly declining subscribers. Based off a sit-down interview with Sporting News, Golic isn’t exactly confident he’ll make it through the reported cuts.

“I would imagine I would continue to do that show. We haven’t gotten that far, quite honestly, as to if the show is going to end, when it’s going to end, and when it ends, and if it does end, what’s going to happen with the show?” Golic told Sporting News in an interview Thursday. “I would imagine I would still be doing it. I would imagine I would be doing it with somebody else. Who that is? I don’t really know.”

Greenberg and Golic have been radio partners since 1998, making them one of the longest-running tandems in sports media. The end of their show would signal the end of one of the better pieces of ESPN programming, making this a large risk for the network.

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