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Meet Tanguy Pepiot. Pepiot is a runner for the Oregon track team, and was all set to win the men’s steeplechase at the Pepsi Team Invitational this week.

Pepiot is very hyped that he is about to win this race, and he wants the crowd to get hyped too. With the race seemingly locked up, he slows his pace a bit and starts playing to the crowd, waving his arm trying to pump them up about this MASSIVE steeplechase victory he’s about to have.

The problem? Washington’s Meron Simon was still going at full speed and was able to catch him just before the finish line.

Poor Pepiot. You have to feel for the kid, who was just really excited to win the race, but at the same time it’s a good lesson for him. Finish strong, celebrate later once you’ve actually won the race. I can guarantee you he won’t ever forget this race and will never make the same mistake.