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G2R’s R.I.P. bullet is something that burglars could never be prepared for unless they happen to invade homes wearing Kevlar suits.

Just the name, Radically Invasive Projectile, conjures up the kinds of carnage-filled images that’ll make you feel safe enough to leave your doors unlocked at night. From the manufacturer, G2 Research:

The RIP bullet features a unique 100 percent copper design which gives it the ability to penetrate deep into a target and fragment in fluid. The projectile has the ability to stay solid in one medium, yet have the exact same projectile predictably reaction as a fragmenting bullet through a different medium without alteration of the projectile. Upon impact, it performs unlike any other hollow point available today.

We’re not exactly sure what all that manufacturer’s mumbo jumbo means, but it darn sure sounds serious. So if you’re in the market for a home defense bullet that sounds like it could take out an elephant in short order, G2R’s RIP bullet has your name on it.