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LeBron James has not been shy about demanding help from the Cleveland Cavaliers this season despite the Cavs having the highest payroll in the NBA.

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Former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause, who who was the GM in Chicago for most of Michael Jordan’s tenure, said Jordan never came to him and asked for help—which is why he thinks LeBron will never surpass Jordan.

It’s not as if Jordan didn’t have any help in Chicago. He had had a Hall of Fame teammate in Scottie Pippen, and during the Bulls’ second three-peat he had Dennis Rodman.

LeBron has had plenty of help in Miami and during his second stint in Cleveland, but his teammates were mediocre at best during his first several years in the NBA.

James might not ever pass Jordan for some NBA fans, but Krause is definitely biased towards Jordan.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

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