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The steam has been picking up for a Carmelo Anthony trade to the Houston Rockets, but there have been some snags in the discussions. There is reportedly one big snag that has kept the trade from happening and The New York Daily News says that’s the contract of Ryan Anderson.

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It’s been reported that the Knicks and Rockets are trying to get other teams involved to make a salary dump possible, but Anderson’s $60-plus million contract is making it difficult. Here’s part of the report from the NYDN:

“But the Knicks front office, led now and maybe forever by Steve Mills, is making total financial sense by refusing to take on Anderson and his enormous contract in a proposed trade for Anthony.

Anderson is scheduled to make $61.1 million over the next three seasons compared to two years and $54 million owed to Anthony. No way do you pay more for a guy who does less.

Keeping Carmelo is far more appealing than absorbing Anderson’s contract.”

While this sounds like the Knicks finally making a good decision, this is still the same team that paid Tim Hardaway Jr. around $71 million for three years after having released him in the first place a few years ago. It remains to be seen if this deal will ever get done, but it’s been sounding like both sides want to get something done and an agreement could be around the corner.

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