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As the All-Star break approaches, it already seems as if a third straight NBA Finals between Golden State and Cleveland is inevitable. Both teams sit atop their respective conference, and there are only a handful of teams capable of beating either team in a seven game series.

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The Western Conference has been better than the Eastern Conference for several years, but Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd thinks the Warriors have an easier path to the Finals than the Cavaliers.

The Warriors will be favored to win the West, but Cowherd discrediting the entire conference is laughable. He said Utah isn’t a good offensive team, but they are currently 10th in the NBA in offensive rating at 110.53 points per possession. The Clippers are 17th in defense—which isn’t great, but still isn’t terrible—but Cowherd acted like the Clips were the worst defensive team in the league.

Cowherd dismissed the Houston Rockets as James Harden and an average supporting cast, but the Rockets have already beat the Warriors once this season—and that game was played at Oracle Arena. And lastly, he barely mentioned the San Antonio Spurs, and he did so by saying they might not even get to that series. That’s pretty lazy qualifier considering the Spurs are only four games back of the Warriors at the moment.

The Cavs and Warriors will likely meet again in the Finals, but Cowherd’s logic behind the Warriors making it wasn’t very sound. The Western Conference is still very difficult, and teams like the Spurs and Rockets are definitely capable of giving the Warriors a compelling series.

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