ESPN college basketball analyst and professional Kentucky hater Dan Dakich decided it was high time to take his complaining to the pros. He called out King James himself for not working very hard during the season and saying he couldn’t even last in an Indiana state tournament.

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That naturally caused some outrage for people who actually understands what goes into becoming a professional athlete. Here’s the initial tweet:

He also probably forgot that James doesn’t actually have any say in the matter and that it’s the coach’s call on whether James plays or not. Dakich also likely forgot that just about everyone in the NBA has played AAU ball at one time or another and had many tournaments where they would play multiple times a day.

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Just feast your eyes on some of these tweets from people taking their shot at Dakich and him trying to justify his position:

This one is also pretty laughable as he thinks playing basketball at a professional level can compare to calling college games:

Of course someone took it next level and asked how many championship rings he has, which garnered an interesting answer.

He won a national title in 1981 as a freshman at Indiana as well as a conference championship and then won the Big Ten in 1983. So that’s three rings and then he finished atop the MAC one year as a coach at Bowling Green so that’s a ring I guess. He hasn’t been past the first round of the NIT in his coaching career and lasted seven games coaching at Indiana if you’d like to take that into account.

There were tons more tweets about the men and women in the military working long hours, which should really bring everything into perspective. No one works harder than those people and Dakich tried to make that point, but might have gone a little too far in doing it.

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