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The Golden State Warriors have been one of the most dominant teams in the NBA over the past three seasons with two straight trips to the NBA Finals, and winning one of them. They broke the NBA’s record for wins last year with 73, and the season before that they were the first team ever to lead the NBA in both defense and pace.

When you’re as dominant as they’ve been, the key is to not let teams back into games. Golden State had done this with an astounding 92 game win streak when leading by 20 points, but last night this streak came to an abrupt end.

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Last night, Golden State led the Memphis Grizzlies by 24 points at one point and the game felt truly over. That’s the kind of lead that should be insurmountable for even the best of teams, but streaks are meant to be broken and Memphis made sure of that fact. Troy Daniels went bonkers from 3-point range and Mike Conley put any doubts about his contract to rest with a clutch performance late.

Meanwhile, the Warriors fell into isolation ball late and were never able to recover. The last two season’s Warriors would have never let this happen, and this should be a good wake up call to this year’s group to remember that.