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The Los Angeles Clippers lost Game 4 of their first round series to the Utah Jazz 105-98, but one Clippers fan earned another loss during the course of the game.

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During a timeout, the Jazz had an inflatable ball race between an adult Clippers fan and a child Jazz fan. The Clippers fan decided to knock the kid down so he could win the race, but he was greeted with a rude awakening further down the court when the Jazz mascot, Jazz Bear, leveled him with a brutal hit.

That was almost as painful as watching DeAndre Jordan shoot a free throw. The Clippers fan got up and walked like he had just been hit by Kam Chancellor.

Whether it was staged or not is unclear, but if it wasn’t, the Clips fan still deserved the hit after knocking the child down.

Also important: don’t mess with Jazz Bear. He will destroy you.

(h/t Bro Bible)

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