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A lot has been made about LeBron James’ comments about finding a playmaker for the Cavaliers. They’ve lost five of their last seven games and some of their players have been logging way too many minutes for his liking. James pretty much called out his front office and said that a “playmaker” needs to be found if they want to compete for a ring again this year.

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That has led to speculation about three potential targets for trades and now there appears to be an unexpected fourth. However, it’s not really for a playmakers so much as a shot maker.

The Cavaliers definitely made the right call on this one as they would have to figure out how to spread the ball around even more with Melo on the floor. Love doesn’t need plays run for him and is a much more reliable player as well as rebounder than Anthony. So much for the Knicks and Phil Jackson sticking with Anthony on this one.

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