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NBA star Derrick Rose is being investigated in a reported rape case, and the investigation just took a tragic turn.

According to the LA Times, one of the two investigators in the case, 44-year-old Nadine Hernandez, died after suffering a single gun-shot wound at a home belonging to a relative Tuesday afternoon.

According to the report, it is unclear whether the gun shot was a suicide or homicide.

Hernandez reportedly assisted in keeping Rose’s rape accuser’s identity secure and anonymous.

The case is slated to move forward after Jane Doe (her real name has been withheld) reportedly came home from a night of drinking with Rose, vomited, went to bed with her clothes on and woke up with her dress up to her neck “feeling something really bad had happened.”

She alleges that she was drugged while drinking, taken home in a cab and Rose and his friends came to her apartment and took turns raping her.

She says she started to piece together the evening when she awoke to her legs covered in lubricant and there were used condoms in the room.

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