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The NBA started releasing “Last Two Minute” reports in the last few years to give some transparency to their officiating crews. It details any calls made in the last two minutes of any close game that could have changed the outcome of the game. Two of such occurrences happened on Christmas Day in the second game of the day between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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The NBA admitted that a LeBron James dunk should have resulted in a technical foul with just under two minutes left because he hung on it too long and admitted that Kevin Durant was fouled on the final possession of the game, which would have given him two free throws and the chance to win the game.

Here’s the rim hang from James:

That seems like a pretty obvious technical, especially when the refs handed one out to Richard Jefferson for winking at Durant after a dunk. There was no one obstructing James’ ability to drop safely to the ground and it was clearly excessive as he was not just hanging on the rim, but essentially swinging on it.

Here’s the final play of the game where Durant was pushed by Jefferson and no call was made:

Was Kevin Durant fouled on the final possession?

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Seems like two pretty blatant no-calls by the officials for the defending champs. You can read the NBA’s full report here.

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