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New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley was arrested at Madison Square Garden Wednesday night during the Knicks game against the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s unclear exactly what upset him so much that he needed to be escorted out of the building by multiple people, but he was pretty pissed and was taken to the ground at one point during his escort.

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The New York Post got a hold of some video showing the altercation that ultimately led to several grown men holding down Oakley to restrain him:

If I had to watch the Knicks play so terribly after playing for them during such great heights like he did, I would probably be pretty angry too. He and owner James Dolan have had beef for years and his frustration with how the team has been run might have finally boiled over and he just let loose. Regardless of how it happened, his showing of anger has resulted in three charges of assault.

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