Could Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis be the next duo to put together a super team, this time with the Los Angeles Lakers?

That’s reportedly a possibility, according to Bleacher Report‘s “sources”:

“Thad Foucher of the Wasserman Media Group, the same agency that represents Russell Westbrook, is Davis’ agent. A source close to Davis’ agent floated the possibility that the end game could find the two uniting in Los Angeles with the talent-starved Lakers. Those kind of rumors are the ones that expand into panic when a team flails like the Pelicans have in the last two seasons.”

Russell Westbrook is in Year 1 of a three-year, $85-million deal with a player option after next season, while Anthony Davis is in Year 1 of a five-year, $127-million deal.

Westbrook is from California, went to Cal and has long been rumored to return to his stomping grounds once Kobe Bryant left the Los Angeles Lakers.

The move actually makes a semblance of sense with the idea that Westbrook could feasibly make his move this summer. AD is a bit more complicated though.

How would the Lakers convince the New Orleans Pelicans to trade a top-five player in the NBA for a pile of assets? Unless Davis goes down the Dwight Howard route and forces his way out of town, this one is hard to fathom.

The Lakers seem to get whoever they want for the most part, so maybe this is just another situation where all the pieces fall in the right slots.

“Possibility” that two stars are positioning to build super team, and they may have a destination in mind Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images
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