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The Chicago Bulls have not been the team most people hoped they would be this year sitting at 23-24 deep into the season. They have some great guards in Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade, but it seems they still can’t find a way to work their chemistry on the court. After a loss to the Atlanta Hawks when they were leading in the fourth quarter, both Wade and Butler called out teammates for not playing the way they should.

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No one likes to be publicly called out and especially Rondo. He’s always been a little testy and has had hard times getting along with teammates. It seems that’s definitely the case in Chicago as he didn’t mention any specific names, but did call out the guys calling out his teammates on Instagram:

If you thought Russell Westbrook’s war with Kevin Durant for leaving OKC was petty, this is about to blow your mind. There are going to be some seriously awkward moments in practice the coming weeks.

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