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Ric Flair didn’t handle the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss in Game 2 very well.

Flair, an ardent supporter of LeBron James and the Cavs, claims he broke his hand while fighting a Warriors fan after the game. He tweeted out pictures of his hand in a cast and said, “One Warrior fan down.” He also told Rihanna to move over during Game 3.

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Flair’s hand must’ve been good enough where he could tweet because he had some words for ESPN First Take host Max Kellerman. Flair defended LeBron in an argument over whether Kevin Durant is a better player right now.

Kellerman might want to watch out or he’ll catch Flair’s left hand.

Perhaps the Cavs will put up as much as a fight as Flair during games 3 and 4.

(h/t CBS Sports)

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