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When the 2009 NBA Draft rolled around, few had as much confidence in Steph Curry as First Take debater Skip Bayless did.

While some compared Curry to Adam Morrison and others simply labeled him an undersized shooting guard, Bayless had it right from the get-go:

That would be over Blake Griffin from the Clippers, which doesn’t look as crazy now:

Now imagine if Curry had landed on the run-and-gun Knicks:

Even after the Golden State Warriors nabbed Curry, Bayless continued the hype:

And before Curry reached untouchable level when it comes to his shooting stroke, Bayless dropped the hammer:

You could attribute it to Bayless throwing a dart blindly and this is the one time it hits, or you could look at his specific mentions.

He talks about Curry’s handling, his shooting stroke and his passing before he stepped into the spotlight. When a ton of people got it wrong, Bayless got it right and he deserves som

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