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Former Kansas City Chief Jamaal Charles may be nearing the end of his NFL career, but the Denver Broncos decision to sign Charles seemed like the perfect fit for both sides heading into the 2017 NFL season.

However, we may never have the opportunity to see what Charles looks like for the Broncos in a regular season game, as Miles Klis of 9 News thinks there’s a pretty good shot he doesn’t make the opening day roster.

Here’s what Klis said about the Broncos’ running back situation as of right now:

“As for Anderson, he’s guaranteed to make $3 million this season. He’s still the favorite to be the Broncos’ top tailback. The Broncos brought in the great Jamaal Charles but because of his knee injuries, I’d put his chances of making the season-opening roster at 50-50.”

“His low-guarantee, one-year minimum contract with heavy incentives suggests doubts as to whether he can make it — but it’s a risk worth taking.”

Although Charles is a big name, as Klis points out, his contract that he signed with Denver this offseason s just a one-year minimum contract and full of incentives.

Charles making the Broncos roster may ultimately come down to the former Chief making it through the offseason unscathed.

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