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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is in quite an interesting position. He’s owed $6 million if he is still on the Vikings roster on March 11 and would become an $18 million cap hit on that date. That massive number makes a revision of his contract (or fallout from it) or a potential release a realistic possibility.

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Peterson has said he would like to stay in Minnesota, but he’s also made it clear that he some other options should that not work out. Teams like the Texans, Giants and Buccaneers are ones that he’s mentioned as potential landing spots. And it looks like he’s taking special notice of some moves one of those teams is making.

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The Giants recently released Rashad Jennings, essentially opening up a starting running back spot for him with only Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen standing in his way. And neither of those RBs are better than Peterson so it should be an easy position battle for him.

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