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Four-time NFL Pro Bowl running back Ahman Green has been in the news following an arrest that came with allegations of child abuse. Green was arrested, per a report from Fox News 11, in conjunction with a dispute that involved his 15-year-old daughter and the chore of doing the dishes. On Thursday, though, Green pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse in Brown County Circuit Court and the trial date for the retired player has not yet been set.

The arrest and formal charge centered on the crime of “Child Abuse-Intentionally Cause Harm/Cruelty toward Child” and Fox News 11 reports that, according to a criminal complaint, Green’s daughter showed up at a neighbor’s house alleging that she had been abused.

The complaint then said that Green wanted his daughter to do the dishes so she could earn her allowance, but when she refused, the former football star pulled her into the kitchen, ripped her shirt, and punched her in the face. Green, according to Fox News 11, told deputies he hit his daughter with an open hand.

Until the trial date is set, there will be something of a hold on the case but Green’s charges are quite serious and this is a developing situation.

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