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Tom Brady has won more Super Bowl’s than any quarterback or player in NFL history, but he’s not done chasing NFL records.

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Brady is 39 years old, but he still isn’t the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning was 39 years and 320 days old when he won the Super Bowl last season with the Denver Broncos, while Brady was 39 years and 186 days old when he won Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons.

Brady will be 40-years-old next season, and he still believes he will play 3-5 more seasons. The New England Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl again next season, and they will likely be a Super Bowl contender until Brady either retires or his level of play diminishes.

There’s a good chance the Patriots will be back in a Super Bowl during Brady’s career, and he will have a chance to become the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl.

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