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It’s been eleven years since Bill Cowher was roaming the NFL sidelines, but you still can’t question his dedication to the game.

Since he retired from coaching, the man who led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a win in Super Bowl XL has been serving as an NFL analyst for CBS Sports.

While no one can question his dedication to the game, apparently he can question Colin Kaepernick’s.

On Sunday, Cowher touched on Kaepernick’s prolonged free agency and didn’t hold back.

“Don’t let the contract stand in the way. Your agent can put performance clauses in there that if you play, you will get paid. Colin, your silence speaks volumes. And I just wonder, maybe the platform is more important to him than his play on the field. And you know what, Colin, prove me wrong.”

However, Cowher isn’t the only big name speaking out on Kaepernick lately.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out on Kaepernick still being unsigned and said he’d like to see plenty of guys get chances to play — Kaepernick included.

With the 2017 NFL season officially underway, we’ll likely see some unfortunate injuries occur, and that could open up a door for Kaepernick.

Maybe teams will continue to pass over him when those situations arise. Or maybe Kaepernick will finally get his second chance.

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