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Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed for many reasons, and very few of them make logical sense considering he’s still an above average quarterback. Some teams are set at QB, but many signing Kaepernick because they are afraid of the backlash they’ll receive from fans.

CSN Bay Area columnist Monte Poole wrote a scathing column ripping many NFL owners for not having a backbone, and he said former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, who died in 2011, would have signed Kap by now.

“Kaepernick needs an owner with enough independence to reject the league’s dogma, capable of considering his ability to play quarterback but also admiring his courage to protest the inequality we all see but only some acknowledge,” Poole wrote.

“If only a current owner had Al’s social conscience.”

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Poole also mentioned how Davis was planning on drafting Kaepernick in the second round of the 2011 draft before the San Francisco 49ers traded up to get him.

The Raiders have a starter in place in Derek Carr, who just signed a monster contract this offseason. But they signed EJ Manuel to a deal to be the backup quarterback, and Poole believes Davis would have brought Kaepernick in instead.

The Baltimore Ravens would make sense as a landing spot for Kap, but they’ve opted to sign unproven QB’s after Joe Flacco’s injury.

Poole makes a compelling argument about the NFL owners not signing Kaepernick, and all it takes is one owner to decide to bring him in either as a backup or to compete for the starting job. But as training camps continue on throughout the league, Kap is still without a job despite throwing for 16 touchdowns and four interceptions last season.

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