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Colin Kaepernick seemed to be closing in on a deal or at least further engagement with the Baltimore Ravens, but then they signed David Olson who played for an arena league team last season. However, Ravens president Dick Cass said there’s still a chance for Kaepernick to get on the team in the wake of Joe Flacco’s back injury.

However, it sounds like ownership isn’t quite on the same page as the team’s owner in Steve Bisciotti is leaning toward not signing him.

While the front office is supposed to make these kinds of decisions, don’t be surprised if Bisciotti intervenes and vetoes any potential Kaepernick deal. He is one of the owners strongly against the national anthem protests and would probably not appreciate the guy leading the charge to be on his team. He did say the team is bringing in another QB without a team to work out.

Should Flacco’s back injury prove to be trickier than its one week recovery timeline, backup Ryan Mallett could be the guy the team turns to to lead them. He has experience as he’s appeared in several games for New England, Houston and Baltimore, but the Ravens probably want someone with a little more playoff or starting experience to be their guy.

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