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When the New Englad Patriots are involved in a big game, it’s typically not a question of if controversy will emerge, it’s when.

This time,  it was a mysterious drone flying over the Atlanta Falcons’ practice in Houston that has some questioning what really happened, per the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Atlanta Falcons have been practicing at Rice University in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, and an eager fan apparently got crafty in trying to sneak a peek.

“With the field situated next to a residential area abutting the Rice campus, there was extra security between the edge of the field (with a fence and high hedges) and the neighborhood, so the Falcons could feel secure running a practice as though they were at their home facility,” Friday’s pool report issued by the NFL said.

The Falcons reportedly noticed the drone flying above the practice field and the device was grounded. The drone operator was only described as an “area resident.”

Fans proceeded to let loose on Bill Belichick and the Patriots:

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