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The Houston Texans have won the AFC South four times since 2011, but they haven’t been able to advance far in the playoffs. The Texans have been bounced by the New England Patriots twice in the playoffs, but Fox Sports analyst and Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter thinks the addition of Tony Romo would make the Texans a serious contender in the AFC next season.

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Carter appeared on Speak For Yourself, and he said liked the potential combination of the Texans’ defense and Romo.

“The thing that I like most about Tony Romo going to the Houston Texans is: Every game we don’t have to win a shootout,” Carter said. “We can win 14-3. You know you have a beast of a defense.

“Some of these teams that might be vying for Tony Romo, and with his health, you get into shootouts like he had to do a lot in Dallas, makes you have to drop back 40 times a game, you’re more likely to get hurt. But they can run the ball, grind it out in Houston and win football games.”

The two teams expressing the most interest in Romo are the Texans and the Denver Broncos, and both have similar defenses and weapons on the offensive side of the ball. The Texans aren’t interested in trading for Romo, but they would be a candidate to sign him if the Cowboys released him.

(h/t Fox Sports)

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