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Former disgruntled ESPN employee and current HBO talk show host Bill Simmons is a huge New England Patriots fan and has never shown any attempt to hide that. Naturally, that led to some heavy tweeting from him and he went so far as to take a shot at NBC’s Cris Collinsworth.

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He never had any qualms about taking shots at fellow ESPN employees when he was employed by them so it’s no surprise that he’s taking shots at other people now that he’s gone. However, Cris Collinsworth came back and let Simmons have it on Twitter like the mad genius he is.

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If you remember, Simmons had a talk show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO and it was promptly cancelled this month because it was not doing well at all. Simmons claimed it was because it was too high brow and too smart for his audience, and that is exactly how you lose an audience. That and getting totally roasted by old man Cris Collinsworth.

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