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Jourdan Lewis was already in hot water and this isn’t the best look as a result. The former Michigan Wolverines defensive back entered the 2017 NFL Draft facing a domestic violence charge¬†and, if true, the details are jarring. However, this apparently wasn’t the first incident that involved authorities.

Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News brings word that Lewis and his former girlfriend, the accuser in question, were also involved in an incident two years prior to the widely reported allegation earlier in 2017.

“Lewis is accused of dragging his girlfriend across the floor and grabbing her by the neck in March at their apartment in Ann Arbor, according to police reports released to The Dallas Morning News via open records requests.

Records also show Ann Arbor police responded two years earlier to a report of a similar physical altercation at the same apartment. The 2015 investigation didn’t result in any charges.”

Full details of the 9-1-1 call from Lewis’ girlfriend back in 2015 are available from the published report and they are both lengthy and troubling. Included in the account is the allegation that Lewis “pushed her backward with both hands” and that he struck her twice in the hand while she was attempting to call the police.

The Cowboys may not have known about this allegation before selecting him in the draft, but even if they did, the presence of this public knowledge isn’t good and Lewis will have some explaining to do.

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