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Tony Romo’s playing career seemingly came to an end when he decided to retire to begin his career as a broadcaster.

However, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t letting anyone use Romo’s old locker. And they aren’t letting anyone wear Romo’s No. 9 jersey, either.

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The team isn’t officially honoring Romo yet, and not letting someone wear his jersey number isn’t all that strange.

The Cowboys don’t let anyone wear No. 12 in honor of Roger Staubach, and they don’t let anyone wear No. 8 in honor or Troy Aikman.

But keeping Romo’s locker unoccupied is a bit peculiar. Do they anticipate Romo making a return?

Archer said coach Jason Garrett could change that in the future, but for now, Romo’s locker remains unoccupied.

It could mean nothing, but it is something worth monitoring.

(h/t ESPN)

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