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Hurrcane Irma is officially a Category-5 hurricane and it is threatening to destroy a lot of the state of Florida. This means a lot of people will likely be put in harm’s way as well as the NFL’s scheduled game of Miami to host Tampa Bay. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the game will definitely not be played on Sunday in Miami after the hurricane is supposed to touch down.

The league is exploring other options to circumvent the issue and still play a game on schedule.

However, it is looking unlikely that a solution will come across that keeps the game on schedule to be played in Week 1. In fact, the Dolphins and Bucs have a bit of a fortuitous schedule in that they have the same bye week and this could be makeup date:

The NFLPA is likely not going to approve of that as it would mean the teams play all 16 of their games without any sort of bye to break up the schedule. Nothing has been reported yet, but it is not out of the realm of possibility to believe that the NFLPA will step in and try to force another fix so that the teams can get another bye week or something. The Dolphins are playing in London during Week 4 so they have an added stress to their schedule to boot.

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