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Resident ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. Smith has always made crystal clear his distaste for the Dallas Cowboys.

After he showed up on the network’s First Take program wearing an Aaron Rogers jersey, presumably for no other reason than to revel in the Cowboys’ playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday, he got it thrown right back in his face by panelist Will Cain.

Cain, an ardent Cowboys fan, lambasted Smith, telling him in not so many words that his bandwagon act has reached “embarrassing” levels.

“All I know is this. You have embarrassed yourself in such a short amount of time,” Cain said. ” [Here’s] what fans do: we grieve, we celebrate. We go through it together. We hurt together. We love together. You would never, under any circumstances, show up the day after your team wins in another man’s jersey. You are a sports bigamist.”

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Smith’s sudden support of the Packers when he claims to be a Steelers fan, Cain said, is more than a little suspect, and only reinforces the notion that he’s a not a credible fan of any team.

“You have selected team after team; maybe it’s the color yellow, I think,” Cain continued. “There’s the Steelers, [the] Packers, but then there’s the Giants, though. Sometimes I forget the Giants are in your equation, too. You, my friend have lost all credibility.”

You’ve gotta love this Cain guy, a recent ESPN hire. He’s showing Smith up in ways his former sidekick Skip Bayless never could.