Many agree that the Saints got hosed on a controversial call in the waning minutes of their 25-23 loss to Denver Sunday, including one of the Broncos own players.

It was determined after a video review that Denver safety Will Parks did not step out of bounds during his 75-yard return for a two-point defensive extra point, which determined the outcome of the game. And backup quarterback Austin Davis is seen on video mouthing the words, “That was a terrible call” to Justin Simmons, who blocked the kick.

Parks did appear to step out of bounds on the play, but the league said Monday that officials were unable to find conclusive evidence that he did so, and the correct call was made. The white shoes Parks was wearing  apparently made a determination that much more difficult.

The NFL’s vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, explained that “if it’s not a¬†an obvious mistake, then the call on the field must stand.”

Even a Denver quarterback thinks the refs blew a call that gave the Broncos a last-minute win Twitter screen shot

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