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Ezekiel Elliott has been dealing with talk of the NFL potentially suspending him because of domestic abuse allegations made against him. The investigation has been ongoing since at least November and his latest move may have him on the NFL’s radar again.

He was caught on video pulling down a woman’s top during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and per TMZ, one of Elliott’s representatives claims it was “all in good fun” and that the “woman wasn’t upset.”

While Elliott was not detained by police, this kind of behavior is absolutely inexcusable and it doesn’t matter if the woman condoned it or not.

Pro Football Talk notes that the woman who accused him of abusing her is also making the claim that he did it fives times over the course of six days and this latest incident could eventually lead to a longer suspension should Roger Goodell and the league decide that his conduct was inappropriate in the first incident as well as this one.

This is what the commissioner said about the punishment of Ben Roethlisberger following two accusations of sexual assault despite no prosecution, per the report:

“My decision today is not based on a finding that you violated [the] law,” Goodell told Roethlisberger. “[Y]ou are held to a higher standard as an NFL player, and there is nothing about your conduct . . . that can remotely be described as admirable, responsible, or consistent with either the values of the league or the expectations of our fans. . . . Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare.”

Should the league find this latest incident too distasteful — which it should — then there may be a suspension coming regardless of what happened in his 2016 domestic abuse accusation.

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