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Before Kyle Shanahan was responsible for coordinating the explosive Atlanta Falcons’ offense to the Super Bowl, he held the same position for the Cleveland Browns.

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While he was the OC in Cleveland, the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel, but Shanahan preferred Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo over Manziel. Shanahan told he preferred Garoppolo and Derek Carr over Manziel.

“They had me look at every quarterback and evaluate every quarterback,” Shanahan said. “That’s everywhere. They ask you to evaluate everyone and you give grades and you tell people who you want and you wait to see what happens.

“I think people heard me, but the results weren’t there. I think there were a lot of people who liked Garoppolo. There were other quarterbacks we liked, too. We put a board together. We rank every one. Then, the people who make the decisions, you have to wait and see what happens. As a coach, it’s like that at a lot of places. You have to deal with what happens.”

Shanahan and Garoppolo will be on opposing sidelines for Super Bowl LI, but Shanahan is will likely be the next head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It’s possible he might attempt to trade for Garoppolo once he takes over for the 49ers. The Browns are also reportedly interested in Garoppolo still, and it might take a first round pick to acquire him.

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