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Former Auburn standout and one of the top dual-athletes to ever play, Bo Jackson admitted to MMQB he wouldn’t have played football if he had known what he knows now.

When he was asked about new information regarding head injuries and how they affect retired players, Jackson admitted he only had his “bell rung” once, but after hearing about the long-term effects it has on players the former Heisman trophy winner admitted he may not have played football:

“If I had young kids, to be honest, and if they came and said, Dad, I want to play football, I’d smack them in the mouth. No. No. Because if I’d have known back then what I know now, to be honest with you, I probably would have taken a different path. I probably just would have played baseball.”

Jackson was a Pro Bowler (1990) during his short stint with the Los Angeles Raiders (1987-1990), which was cut short by a hip injury. Jackson was an All-Star (1989) during his time in Major League Baseball, playing for the Kansas City Royals (1986-1990), Chicago White Sox (1991, 1993) and California Angels (1994).

That hip injury may have saved Jackson from serious damage, and luckily he had baseball to fall back on.

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