Longtime Atlanta Falcon Roddy White sat out the 2016-17 NFL season after his tenure with the Falcons came to a close following the 2015-16 season. Although White missed all of last season, White revealed Friday that he would have signed with the New England Patriots for the veterans minimum.

Via All22:

“White sat out the entire 2016 season after his release from the Falcons, but revealed he was interested in joining the Patriots, and was even in talks with the club. While the 11-year veteran now says he would have been willing to sign for the minimum NFL salary, a contract offer never came.”

“That’s probably the only team I would have played the minimum for,” White said.

Veterans signing with the Patriots in hopes of getting a ring before they retire is nothing new. However, it is interesting that White would have signed with the Patriots for the minimum. White wouldn’t have been a difference-maker for the Patriots in 2016-17, but he would’ve been an interesting addition for a New England team that wasn’t littered with downfield targets.

Ultimately, the Patriots still won the Super Bowl without White, but had White ended up signing with the club it certainly would have been worth it.

Former Pro Bowler almost signed with a Super Bowl contender before calling it a career Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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