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This is a report that has shaken up the NFL:

Sherman is a three-time All-Pro,  Super Bowl (2014) winning defensive back in the prime of his career. He’ll be 29 on March 30, and is signed for two more years at $11 million per.  He becomes a free agent after the 2018 season.

Since 2011, Sherman leads the league with 30 interceptions, and he hasn’t missed a game in six years.

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Now, the report goes on to say that Sherman will be available if the price is right. (But really, who isn’t?)

This is going to lead a number of people to speculate about whether this is real or a trial balloon.  But there is one reason the Seattle Seahawks could move on from Sherman a year or two  years early instead of a year or two too late:

Darrelle Revis.

Remember him? He was great until he was 30, and when he turned 31, was routinely torched. He was so bad he was released by a New York Jets team that’s not exactly busting with  talent.

Stay tuned.