The Dallas Cowboys were 13-3 and favored to win the NFC, but they were upset by the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round 34-31 Sunday. Someone needs to inform Cowboys’ fan Jordan Garnett that nothing is guaranteed in sports.

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In December, as the Cowboys were rolling, Garnett got a tattoo on his arm that reads, “Super Bowl LI Champions.”

Dallas was bounced from the playoffs after only one game, but Garnett has already made changes to his tattoo.

Garnett better hope the Cowboys win it all next year because there doesn’t appear to be any more room for any more Roman numerals. Garnett told the Palm Beach Post he cried after the game.

“I cried my eyes out last night,” Garnett said. “Obviously, I’m not that great with guarantees. But I’ll guarantee it again: We’ll win it next year.”

Garnett better hope the Cowboys win it all next year, or his tattoo will live in infamy.

(h/t Fox Sports)

Jabroni who jinxed Cowboys doubles down with new tattoo Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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