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Johnny Manziel has admitted he lost his way and his return is for real. That’s why Money Manziel is apparently willing to volunteer to take a drug test for any NFL team interested in his talents, per Sporting News.

Manziel is reportedly considered a “Stage Two” offender, which subjects him to random testings if he were signed. But there’s nothing that says he must take a drug test for any team interested — he’s apparently just that ready to show teams he’s serious about a return.

Manziel has started working with quarterback guru George Whitfield again, as well as pledged to remain sober as he works on rebuilding his dream career.

This follows the latest trend of Manziel recognizing his issues from the past, acknowledging what went wrong and promising to make it better.

Manziel has had reported offers from the Canadian Football League, among others. We’ll soon see how seriously he’s taking his comeback depending on how he handles himself when or if he makes a full recovery. For now, it looks like Manziel is doing and saying all the right things.

Manziel threw for just under 1,700 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions in two years with the Cleveland Browns.

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