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According to ESPN scoop master Adam Schefter, the NFL has fined Oakland Raiders’ running back Marshawn Lynch for a hand gesture he made during this past Sunday’ game against the Tennessee Titans.

Schefter is reporting that Lynch’s fine will add up to $12,000, which is a pretty hefty fine for flipping double middle fingers.

Visual evidence of Lynch’s gesture can be seen below. Keep in mind, this may be not suited for work or children, so scroll down at your own expense:

While it’s not the worst thing Lynch could have done, the context of Lynch’s two fingered salute is important. It wasn’t like he was just flipping off one of his buddies on the sideline or head coach Jack Del Rio for calling a bad play. According to Pro Football Talk, Lynch’s gesture was aimed at Tennessee Titans’ defensive lineman Karl Klug before a play. Lynch hit Klug with the bird before getting into his stance, so the defensive lineman was obviously talking some sort of trash.

Of course, as is always the case in life, it’s not the instigator who gets in trouble but the person who responds, and unfortunately for Lynch, he decided to respond in a very public way — on national television.

The fine is a drop in the bucket for a star like Lynch, and if what we know about him stands true, it won’t stop him from being him, for better or worse.

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