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Mel Kiper is quite good at his job of analyzing college prospects and predicting where they might land in the NFL Draft. He puts out multiple mock drafts each year after he gets new information from front offices or after new coaches and GM are hired. That could explain some predictions for his first mock draft before the draft.

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Most people who watched college football and especially the title game, would say that Clemson’s Deshaun Watson was the best quarterback this year despite his 17 interceptions. An argument could be made that he had so many because he was throwing much more often than in his previous two seasons — he attempted almost 100 more passes in 2016 than in 2015 — but he still kept a similar completion percentage of 67 percent compared to 2015’s 67.8.

Watson’s 17 interceptions this season are certainly an eye-popper for the wrong reasons, but he has shown that he has great touch on long throws and knows how to best utilize a multitude of receivers. Kiper believes that’s enough to keep him from becoming the first quarterback taken off the board and he has someone with only one year of starter experience going No. 2 overall to the San Francisco 49ers in UNC’s Mitch Trubisky.

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He has Watson falling all the way to No. 10 to the Bills who he believes will want a redo on QBs with a new coach at the helm. Kiper is reporting that Watson is getting a postseason bounce from around the league after he demolished Ohio State and Alabama in back-to-back games. However, Trubisky going to the 49ers could very well change once a GM and coach are put in place, so keep a lookout on that.

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