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Alabama standout linebacker Reuben Foster fell all the way to No. 31 in the first round the NFL Draft last week, and although he had top-three talent, injury concerns caused a lot of teams to pass on him according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Foster’s injury concerns, according to Schefter, are so ominous that his rookie season may be an injury-plagued one.


“A major reason former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster slipped to No. 31 in the first round of last week’s draft is a shoulder condition that worried teams and could jeopardize his rookie season, per league sources.”

The shoulder condition that’s being reported by Schefter is a big one, and it’s also something that Foster already had surgery on this offseason.

More from ESPN:

“The surgery didn’t take,” said one well-placed source with knowledge of the injury.

“Last week, USA Today Sports reported that Foster slipped in the draft because at least one team was concerned he would need additional shoulder surgery.”

This makes a lot of sense, as Foster has all the potential in the world, but if his shoulder injury could be chronic, his fall in the draft is understandable.

Still, nothing is confirmed in regards to Foster’s long-term status on his right shoulder, and Schefter notes that the 49ers’ doctors aren’t as concerned as other teams.

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