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We’re at that point, in the days leading up to the NFL Draft, in which misdirection and wishful thinking come into play. Hence, this tidbit:

And Schefter followed up that tweet with this:

This would be the most Browns move ever.

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Cleveland is actually in a position to rebuild its team in this draft. With 11 picks, the Browns have the ammunition to trade up for the players it really likes in the middle rounds. It can select immediate impact players at No. 1 and No. 12 – and a quarterback at No. 1 is pure insanity.

Myles Garrett is being viewed as a difference maker with All-Pro skills who can anchor a defense for the next decade. Every quarterback who could be selected in the first round comes with serious questions – Trubisky has only started one year for North Carolina – and none are viewed as day one starters in the NFL.

This also flies in the face of an earlier report that the Browns are looking to acquire a third, first-round pick to select a quarterback in the 18 to 21 range.

Why would the Browns want to do this?

Forbes also does say that the Browns like  Trubisky, and California’s Davis Webb, but lower in the first round.

Fun times.

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