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With the AFC championship game just days away and no punishment yet announced for Antonio Brown’s Facebook faux pas, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver seems to have escaped any sort of damning repercussions.

But, according to ESPN’s Adam Shefter, one NFL executive believes Brown may have jeopardized his career when he streamed head coach Mike Tomlin’s postgame locker room speech to Facebook Live Sunday after the team’s victory over Kansas City.

Speaking anonymously, the executive cited Ben Roethlisberger’s past troubles as nearly costing him his career, as well as those of former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who faded from the league after legal troubles.

Retired ESPN NFL analyst Tom Jackson also says Brown’s future with the organization may be in in danger, and he’ll need to have a good game Sunday against New England to ensure his good standing.

“He did a disservice to the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Jackson said. “He was not even paying attention…There were three or four other players at least who were hamming it up for the guy’s video, not listening to their coach…All I can say is Antonio needs to have a really good game. If he doesn’t, I’m interested to see if whether it impacts his future with the Steelers because he violated one of the most sacred spaces of a football team.”

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With Brown having only one year remaining on his contract, he really might be on shaky ground. Winning, however, cures everything. And if it ends up that Brown torches the Patriots on Sunday and leads the Steelers to victory, this whole Facebook thing will be little more than a microscopic footnote to the Steelers’ 2016 season.