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Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett used a Marvel superhero as inspiration for overcoming an injury during Sunday’s 33-13 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Bennett tweaked his ankle on the first drive of the game, and he was offered a cart to help him leave the field. He declined the cart because he said he asked himself, “What would Luke Cage do right now?”

Here’s what Bennett told Jeff Howe from the Boston Herald after the game (via SI):

“They asked me if I needed a cart and I’m like, ‘S—t, I’m going to look so week.’ I’ve been watching Luke Cage. He’s the bulletproof brother from Marvel, and I’m like, ‘What would Luke Cage do right now?’ He’d get up and keep bouncing around, so I was like ‘I’ve got to get up and show them, get a moment, just run off the field and let them know I’m coming back in the game.’”

Bennett didn’t miss much action, and he hauled in six passes for 67 yard and three touchdowns from Tom Brady on the afternoon. Very Luke Cage-like, indeed.

Bennett’s Gronk spike needs some work, though.

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