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The New York Giants may have some serious questions about this.

Odell Beckham, Jr., skipped the first two  days of the teams organized team activities. Sure, those are “voluntary,” but coaches take note of players who don’t attend. OTAs being voluntary is like your mom saying it’s voluntary to call her on her birthday.

Maybe that’s why Giants head coach sounded a bit irritated when he told reporters he expects his players to be on the field.

“We feel it’s important to developing the team and building fundamentals and working on communication.”

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Given that, check this out:

Yep, that’s OBJ not at the OTAs but hanging out with JM (love those acronyms, huh?) — Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football, who says his life is back on track and he wants another crack at the NFL, was, according to TMZ, getting his throws in and OBJ was the pass catcher.

So, here’s what OBJ has done so far this week. He signed a record-setting show deal with Nike.

He played catch with Johnny Football.

He skipped the Giants OTAs.

Yeah, his team isn’t going to be happy.

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